Dressed up for Poundland

Noooo! You got dressed up and put new makeup on to go to Poundland!

During lockdown version 1 I ransacked M&S 90% sale and bought way too much that I didnt need🙈 in my defence my mum gave me a giftcard so I didn’t really spend any of my money. That’s good right? *trying to convince myself it’s ok to spoil myself after having a quarantine baby* and now I have so much nice clothes/makeup and nowhere to go. So now I dress up for Poundland, deal with it!

New normal

Today We ventured into our local shopping centre to pick up the oldests new glasses! He was so excited because it was big boy glasses without any cartoons🙈 as soon as he walked out of Specsavers he was in awe of how well he could see. Who’d have thought he would be so excited to see a empty mall!

These blue arrows are everywhere now and it just seems so normal now. 2m social distancing and masks at all times yet i still have to shout at the 9yo to stop racing through Poundland and drop the damn Hot Wheels Aston Martin toy while the 3yo picks up the babys rattle for the 15th time off the floor.

These kids drive me crazy! I love them more than life itself and I would happily go to jail knowing I protected them from any danger! Every day is longer now and bedtime always seems so far away but seeing them sleep so peacefully (except for baby who insists in waking up every hour till about 12am) helps me see how wonderful, caring, funny and extraordinary they are. Till then heres a cute mugshot of the monsters ❤️ goodnight

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