Love at first sight❤️

Madeira 2009

Since I was about 16/17 I’ve been working during summer holidays because in Portugal it’s 3months holiday! Imagine that here in the UK!! Crazy! So in 2009 I went to the island airport to look for work at the cafe/restaurant and I went to the departures area which was upstairs on the 2nd floor and got an interview there. The manager seemed ok and gave me job! I was so excited. At the end of the interview he warned me about this guy that works there that was horrible to people and made all the girls there cry. I never liked being told not to do something, i wanted to see if it was true.

Anyway first day on the job and I went to the office area to get changed and walked past the restaurant area where there was a guy cleaning tables and when I looked at him and he looked at me he dropped his tray of plates/glasses and I thought he was clumsy. As I went behind the counter I looked at him again and got so flustered I knocked down some stuff from the counter and felt so embarrassed!☺️🙈

The next day he came to work and stopped at my station which was a tiny little cafe where only I worked and he was talking to the manager and smiling at me. When he left my manager warned me again:”Thats Marco! Don’t bother talking to him!”

A few hours later on his break he came to my station again and chatted with me and he had a chocolate muffin and said he would share with me! I thought it was sweet of him and thinking about it now he hates chocolate cake so it was obviously for me. Cheeky!

He gave me the dumbest chat up that I only realised how dumb I was a few years after! Because I was in my station alone and without a landline phone to call the other station/restaurant I had to wait for someone to come so I can take my break/lunch/toilet. Anyway he said “gimme your number so you can call me for your breaks!” 🤣🤣🤣 well obviously after that we were texting all the time. He use to drive me home(total opposite direction to where he lived).

My manager started to notice that we were friends and made up some lie about us dating(we werent yet) and called me for a meeting. He said I was breaking company policy by wearing acrylic nails, which I did because I knew other girls had them too, and because I was dating another member of staff. He made me sign a paper to say I’d accept being fired which was a lie. The paper actually was me giving in my resignation! The lying bastard!

While I was working at that cafe, the owner of the other cafe on the arrivals area downstairs had been trying to convince me to work for him but I wasnt interested. So after being ‘fired’ I went downstairs to ask for a job and he hired me on the spot! I started the very next day. My ex-manager was shocked when he arrived for work the next day and saw me at his rival cafe. I waved and smiled at him! I felt so good!

Me and Marco had our first date at that airport on a Sunday 21st of June 2009. And our first kiss! We’ve been together ever since ❤️ Through good and bad times. But stronger and stronger together.

Our first picture together ❤️

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