Bittersweet day

Back to nursery!

I’ve been so nervous these last few days about my 3yo restarting nursery. The school was sending his homework every monday which was great but he definitely missed his friends and routine at nursery.

This whole Covid-19 scares me truthfully. I would hate for anyone I know to catch it and get really ill, specially my children. Hopefully now that the levels are lower its safer to send kids to school. The 9yo is starting on the 8th of March like most kids which is good. I think we all need a bit of normality back.

He’s had 2 days back so far and he’s so much more happier and less annoyed. He will tell me who he played with and what activities he’s done. His speech was a bit delayed and now it’s so much better. You would think that being at home and talking with us and doing activities would be enough but theres a need for stricter routine and different ways of learning while playing that I wouldn’t even think about but that works for kids.

The house had been quieter, not tidier thanks to the baby but we definitely miss him during those 3 hours and we are so happy to see him and let him tell us all about his day with his friends and teachers.

3 musketeers ❤️

As a mum I will forever try my best for my kids in every aspect of their lives. And after months of being quarantined at home we all need a bit of normality and after the PMs timeline we are all filled with hope for better days❤️

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