It’s only Tuesday!?

Is it just me or has this week been long!? And its only Tuesday!!!

But let’s not give up! Get up, have a coffee/tea something yummy & nutritious for breakfast and move!!! Put some music on, dance around like crazy and you’ll get that rush of happiness! Get those endorphins pumping!

Surround yourself with happiness and good vibes! It’s only Tuesday but you are a day closer to the end of HOMESCHOOLING!! Monday starts in-school classes and it’s amazing! I’m so excited to take my oldest son to school, the younger boy to nursery, put baby to sleep and have an hour break from everyone! Might even send the hubby out to supermarket for something just to get him out too! Lol

Have you all heard about the new (shop out to help out) initiative from the Gov. Apparently they’re gonna give each adult £150 and kids £75 each to shop and boost economy. So basically we all going on shopping sprees? Thats gonna be coronavirus central😩🙈

It would be amazing since many of us changed sizes during lockdown and obviously the kids have all grown since last year. It’s surprising how much my kids have grown, my oldest is getting taller by the day, the middle one who didn’t talk much won’t shut up and my baby won’t stop! She’ll be 1 next month 🙈 Though we’ve all had a miserable year I’m glad we’ve had plenty of fun and happy moments together as a family and grew stronger while driving me crazy.

It’s ok to loose your temper, to feel down, to be angry at the world and everyone around you. It’s all normal given the circumstances but it will all be better soon! Freedom has a date!!! And I personally can’t wait to see my friends, drink coffee and talk shit☺️

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