The truth about going back to school!

The kids were up at 7, the oldest having an asthma coughing fit and the baby screaming from her room to be rescued 🙄

The middle one just happily does his things, toilet and downstairs to watch tv. Lets start this mayhem!

I got dressed and actually put makeup on to disguise the dark circles, i thought about putting some cute lipstick on but nobody will see under the mask anyway!

I think the oldest doesn’t wanna go back to school. His tummy hurts now. Whats next? Headache & diahorrea? Well he will still be going to school! Tough luck! (I’m joking obviously!) School after a global pandemic will be different and hard to get used to but it’s for the best. Academically they need it. COVID-19 was a disaster that no one saw coming and i doubt it will go away for good.

Hopefully 3 school runs will help up my daily steps and get me healthier along with healthy food. Today I feel like having chicken curry! South African style. I’ll add the recipe later if you’d like. Yesterday I baked a cake so the kids can have a treat after school tomorrow. Its a simple coconutty sponge that we all love and disappears quickly.

The weekend was a busy one cleaning the house, gardening my many plants (inside & outside) and planning ahead for summer lounging. This will be the best summer ever! We have to make the most of it. Thats what we’ve learnt from lockdown and not seeing friends and family! Life is too short and we need to live it to the fullest❤️

Show off your award 🥇 Homeschooling award tote bag🥇

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