Evening skin routine 30+

Reaching 30 was a milestone. A milestone I reached during Lockdown. But I promised myself something…

That I would start being a priority! I would start being kind to myself and truly caring for myself!

You would think it comes easy but it doesn’t. There’s so many other things I could be doing but I choose me! I choose to spend time on me. It might be the odd 5min here, 10min there but it’s when I forget about everything else and focus on loving myself.

In the morning I get my AM routine

  • Wash face & put sunscreen & moisturiser
  • Brush teeth
  • Fix my hair
  • Get dressed! Like properly! Not just any old rag
  • Put some makeup on to feel pretty
  • Write my daily to do list

These seem like small things but they make a huge difference in my day.

During the day I try not to be so hard on myself too, I don’t rush through things anymore and spend more moments with my family and clean afterwards.

The evenings are the best! After bedtime and tidying up the kitchen & lounge for tomorrow I get more me time!

A few weeks ago I became an Agora Ambassador and they gifted me and amazing box full of treats ❤️

I was so excited to try this!!Get yours now! Click here

The Magnitone Daily Cleansing Brush Edit box is on sale at the moment for only £16,99! It’s worth £64!! The brush alone is £40! That’s a 73% discount! I get rewarded for this❤️

I’ve had a cleansing brush before but it was a cheap amazon one that I honestly didn’t use much and I don’t even know where it is anymore.

I’ve been using this everynight for almost a week and it’s awesome! It’s so cute and has a timer, when charged it lasts 1 month! It’s got antibacterial brush head which helps with breakout prone skin. The box has the charger & a membership card that gives you extra warranty. The Edit box comes with a Grace&Stella foaming face wash, the packaging is super cute and washes off all your makeup & impurities. And the GlamGlow moisturiser? Literally smells like sweeties and gives you an immediate glow!

So now my evening routine is cute and fun!

  • Wash face with Magnitone Cleansing brush and Grace&Stella foaming face wash
  • Remove eye makeup(I like to use waterproof makeup so I’m extra gentle on my eye area because of wrinkles etc)
  • Apply the GlamGlow mega Illuminating moisturiser (I sometimes use this in the morning too before my makeup)

A bit of Netflix series, Im currently watching American Horror Story and it’s gripping! I have to limit myself to 1/2 episodes a day or I’ll binge watch till the end and regret it when Im sleepy the next day.

Anyway don’t wait till you’re 30 to love yourself! Start now! You are important and nobody can replace you!

So if you want to get this Magnitone London Cleansing brush get it now because this price is unreal! Magnitone Cleansing Brush

2 thoughts on “Evening skin routine 30+

  1. You are so beautiful! I tried using brushes like that but my skin is so sensitive , I always end up with irritated face . Is this one good for sensitive skin?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sweetie. It’s suitable for all skin types plus its very soft and the face wash is a foam so its gentle on the face too. Its worth a try for £11,99. If you order it dont forget code HELLO5 ☺️❤️


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