About me ☺️

Natalie Alves

Mum, chef, housekeeper, entertainer, teacher, laundry manager and fiancé

Hello and welcome to my blog! A little about me now: I was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1990, yes I’m 30! My dad was Portuguese and my mum is South African. After I was born they decided that we should go live in Madeira, Portugal because crime rates etc was quite bad in South Africa. I grew up in Madeira and loved it there but I always felt something was missing, like I was meant to live somewhere else so in 2011, 2 years after I met my fiancé we moved to England. We bounced around a few times all over. Our first child was born in London in 2011, we moved to Wolverhampton in 2015 and our second child was born in 2017 and baby was born during the 2020 pandemic lockdown.

My father past away December 2016 after fighting cancer for some years. He was very brave and always had a huge smile on his face. He’s favourite saying was (my name is José, small name big man) and if you’ve ever met him his heart was even bigger❤️

I met my partner in Madeira, at my first job at the airport and thats a lovely long funny story I’ll tell another time but here we are almost 12 years later with our own family.

I think that’s enough for now. I’ll tell more in other posts☺️ hopefully you all love reading all my brain junk and have fun and please leave a comment if possible ❤️ have a lovely day!