How we got ready for starting school tomorrow!

At the beginning of half term I got a surprise parcel! A free set of Braun healthcare products from Influenster and Braun in exchange of my honest review! Yayyyy

I received a Braun Thermoscan7 with Age precision Ear thermometer & a Braun Nasal Aspirator 1!

New healthcare gadgets ❤️

All these technical words but basically I got a brand new thermometer and snot sucker! I was so excited! My old snot sucker was… well OLD! It’s a Frida one where I use my mouth to suck through a filtered tube attached to a bulb that goes on the nose. Its efficient and has lasted almost 4 years. I remember struggling so many times with my son and then the baby to hold them down, put the tube in my mouth and other part in their noses. It was a constant struggle but now I got a new electric one!! And they think its a game and will happily let me vaccum their noses for snot🤣 oh the joys of motherhood! One day your pregnant imagining all your beautiful moments with your children and the next your excited about a snot vaccum 🙈

The thermometer is an ear one and it comes with the cover bits too! My old one was over 4 years old too from Lidl but it was contactless and I have noticed that lately its not working so well. I get alot of error msgs or Low. Well this new one is so cute and the screen lights up to let you know if the reading is good (green), elevated (yellow) or bad(red)!

Green! I’m good ☺️

Our routine:

  • Sort our uniforms
  • Get new school shoes(mysterious holes in the old ones🙄)
  • Cut hair(I cut the boys hair in the first week off school so should be ok till end of the month)
  • Temperature check on us all
All greens ✅✅

The thermometer is very easy to use and easy to read! I’ve been looking for a new one for some time now and I’m so lucky to have been chosen by Influenster and Braun to test it out! I love it! It has a memory to save the last 9 readings, BPA free, 21 disposable covers, it has pre warmed tip(which is great for babies and kids, has a nightlight And it’s currently on Sale on Amazon from £55 to £36!! Definitely worth it and has a 2 year warranty.

The snot sucker ( nasal aspirator) is amazing specially on the baby because she still hasn’t mastered the ‘blow your nose’ and often gets a blocked nose at night or in the morning when she wakes it. It has 2 different size silicone suction heads, 2 gentle settings and is dishwasher safe! It’s a great gadget to have around flu & cold season! It’s also on sale on Amazon from £40 to £29! Definitely worth every penny.

Now that we know that we are all Green ticked on the thermometer and are feeling well and no Covid-19 symptons I am more confident to send the boys to school. I have done my part being safe and protected.

What’s your routine like before shipping the kids back to school? Share your tips to help others

Evening skin routine 30+

Reaching 30 was a milestone. A milestone I reached during Lockdown. But I promised myself something…

That I would start being a priority! I would start being kind to myself and truly caring for myself!

You would think it comes easy but it doesn’t. There’s so many other things I could be doing but I choose me! I choose to spend time on me. It might be the odd 5min here, 10min there but it’s when I forget about everything else and focus on loving myself.

In the morning I get my AM routine

  • Wash face & put sunscreen & moisturiser
  • Brush teeth
  • Fix my hair
  • Get dressed! Like properly! Not just any old rag
  • Put some makeup on to feel pretty
  • Write my daily to do list

These seem like small things but they make a huge difference in my day.

During the day I try not to be so hard on myself too, I don’t rush through things anymore and spend more moments with my family and clean afterwards.

The evenings are the best! After bedtime and tidying up the kitchen & lounge for tomorrow I get more me time!

A few weeks ago I became an Agora Ambassador and they gifted me and amazing box full of treats ❤️

I was so excited to try this!!Get yours now! Click here

The Magnitone Daily Cleansing Brush Edit box is on sale at the moment for only £16,99! It’s worth £64!! The brush alone is £40! That’s a 73% discount! I get rewarded for this❤️

I’ve had a cleansing brush before but it was a cheap amazon one that I honestly didn’t use much and I don’t even know where it is anymore.

I’ve been using this everynight for almost a week and it’s awesome! It’s so cute and has a timer, when charged it lasts 1 month! It’s got antibacterial brush head which helps with breakout prone skin. The box has the charger & a membership card that gives you extra warranty. The Edit box comes with a Grace&Stella foaming face wash, the packaging is super cute and washes off all your makeup & impurities. And the GlamGlow moisturiser? Literally smells like sweeties and gives you an immediate glow!

So now my evening routine is cute and fun!

  • Wash face with Magnitone Cleansing brush and Grace&Stella foaming face wash
  • Remove eye makeup(I like to use waterproof makeup so I’m extra gentle on my eye area because of wrinkles etc)
  • Apply the GlamGlow mega Illuminating moisturiser (I sometimes use this in the morning too before my makeup)

A bit of Netflix series, Im currently watching American Horror Story and it’s gripping! I have to limit myself to 1/2 episodes a day or I’ll binge watch till the end and regret it when Im sleepy the next day.

Anyway don’t wait till you’re 30 to love yourself! Start now! You are important and nobody can replace you!

So if you want to get this Magnitone London Cleansing brush get it now because this price is unreal! Magnitone Cleansing Brush

Fridayyyyyy 🎉🎉🎉

I woke up with a spring in my step today!

I cleaned around the house, actually got dressed and put makeup on! Did washing and cooking!

I’ve got so much to do this weekend but I’m so motivated that I’m excited about it all! Today I did some gardening, some plant care and repotting. Planning to put some plants out in the front of my house, make it look all cute etc for summer. I’m trying to convince my partner to make a pallet bench to sit on so let’s see how far that goes.

My son has almost finished reading all his books and honestly buying them new is expensive because he reads loads so they’re either from Facebook marketplace or charity shops. Tomorrow we’re picking a big bundle of books for him on the way to our food shop. Obviously he would rather watch tv, play games on the phone or Playstation but he’s only allowed those on weekends. Boring mum I know🙄

Anyway the reason I’m in such a good mood is because SCHOOL STARTS MONDAY!! I’ll be skipping to school at 8:30am to drop the oldest, home, then back to school at 12 for the youngest boy, home then pick them both up at 3! Luckily the school is literally 5min walk from home. All this while juggling little madam and house chores. It’s gonna be a whole new routine but I’m sure it will be fine. One piece of the puzzle of normality in place 🙏🏼

Of course I’m worried about COVID-19! But I also know the kids need to go back to REAL school, not online or home packs. They need interaction with other children in REAL life and a better teacher than me🤣🙈 I’m not bad I think but there’s definitely better teachers than me. I totally appreciate all the teachers and their hard work and endless patience. I could not do it.

I need some REAL life interaction with adults! I don’t know how much longer I can handle this being at home with only my family . They’re all lovely and funny and very loving but 24/7 is long!!!

I’m off to bed to watch Netflix (American Horror stories) while sipping on some gin and sneakily eating M&Ms! Hope you all have a great weekend! The end is near🙏🏼🙏🏼

It’s only Tuesday!?

Is it just me or has this week been long!? And its only Tuesday!!!

But let’s not give up! Get up, have a coffee/tea something yummy & nutritious for breakfast and move!!! Put some music on, dance around like crazy and you’ll get that rush of happiness! Get those endorphins pumping!

Surround yourself with happiness and good vibes! It’s only Tuesday but you are a day closer to the end of HOMESCHOOLING!! Monday starts in-school classes and it’s amazing! I’m so excited to take my oldest son to school, the younger boy to nursery, put baby to sleep and have an hour break from everyone! Might even send the hubby out to supermarket for something just to get him out too! Lol

Have you all heard about the new (shop out to help out) initiative from the Gov. Apparently they’re gonna give each adult £150 and kids £75 each to shop and boost economy. So basically we all going on shopping sprees? Thats gonna be coronavirus central😩🙈

It would be amazing since many of us changed sizes during lockdown and obviously the kids have all grown since last year. It’s surprising how much my kids have grown, my oldest is getting taller by the day, the middle one who didn’t talk much won’t shut up and my baby won’t stop! She’ll be 1 next month 🙈 Though we’ve all had a miserable year I’m glad we’ve had plenty of fun and happy moments together as a family and grew stronger while driving me crazy.

It’s ok to loose your temper, to feel down, to be angry at the world and everyone around you. It’s all normal given the circumstances but it will all be better soon! Freedom has a date!!! And I personally can’t wait to see my friends, drink coffee and talk shit☺️

A flower a day keeps the blues away

White tulips

As I walked into Aldi today which was very busy today I saw these white tulips for only £1,99 and it made me smile immediately. I grabbed a bunch of fruit and veg and some extras to tide us through the final homeschooling week for our oldest! You have no idea how amazing that makes me feel!

Almost every patch of grass around us has these little colourful flowers(crocuses) which makes any boring garden look inviting. All kids love picking some up for teachers/mums as they walk by as a token of their appreciation or love.

Obviously with the sun starting to bless our everyday I have to force my kids to go OUTSIDE AND PLAY! It took a bit persuading but off they went on their bikes while baby followed behind crawling and trying to walk as far as her little legs can take her.

Seeing them sitting there so peacefully and smiling actually makes them look so innocent! Hahahha hilarious! The 2 boys are either hugging or fighting each other while argueing with the baby who tries to hit them with whatever’s in her hand at the moment.

If you’re feeling tired or a bit down, go outside, let the sun shine its glorious rays on you! Smell the fresh air and look at the beautiful colours around you. It won’t solve all your problems but it will give you a bit of a pick up in your mood. ❤️ have a wonderful weekend and remember the end of lockdown is near🙏🏼