How we got ready for starting school tomorrow!

At the beginning of half term I got a surprise parcel! A free set of Braun healthcare products from Influenster and Braun in exchange of my honest review! Yayyyy

I received a Braun Thermoscan7 with Age precision Ear thermometer & a Braun Nasal Aspirator 1!

New healthcare gadgets ❤️

All these technical words but basically I got a brand new thermometer and snot sucker! I was so excited! My old snot sucker was… well OLD! It’s a Frida one where I use my mouth to suck through a filtered tube attached to a bulb that goes on the nose. Its efficient and has lasted almost 4 years. I remember struggling so many times with my son and then the baby to hold them down, put the tube in my mouth and other part in their noses. It was a constant struggle but now I got a new electric one!! And they think its a game and will happily let me vaccum their noses for snot🤣 oh the joys of motherhood! One day your pregnant imagining all your beautiful moments with your children and the next your excited about a snot vaccum 🙈

The thermometer is an ear one and it comes with the cover bits too! My old one was over 4 years old too from Lidl but it was contactless and I have noticed that lately its not working so well. I get alot of error msgs or Low. Well this new one is so cute and the screen lights up to let you know if the reading is good (green), elevated (yellow) or bad(red)!

Green! I’m good ☺️

Our routine:

  • Sort our uniforms
  • Get new school shoes(mysterious holes in the old ones🙄)
  • Cut hair(I cut the boys hair in the first week off school so should be ok till end of the month)
  • Temperature check on us all
All greens ✅✅

The thermometer is very easy to use and easy to read! I’ve been looking for a new one for some time now and I’m so lucky to have been chosen by Influenster and Braun to test it out! I love it! It has a memory to save the last 9 readings, BPA free, 21 disposable covers, it has pre warmed tip(which is great for babies and kids, has a nightlight And it’s currently on Sale on Amazon from £55 to £36!! Definitely worth it and has a 2 year warranty.

The snot sucker ( nasal aspirator) is amazing specially on the baby because she still hasn’t mastered the ‘blow your nose’ and often gets a blocked nose at night or in the morning when she wakes it. It has 2 different size silicone suction heads, 2 gentle settings and is dishwasher safe! It’s a great gadget to have around flu & cold season! It’s also on sale on Amazon from £40 to £29! Definitely worth every penny.

Now that we know that we are all Green ticked on the thermometer and are feeling well and no Covid-19 symptons I am more confident to send the boys to school. I have done my part being safe and protected.

What’s your routine like before shipping the kids back to school? Share your tips to help others

What you need to know about breastfeeding 🤱🏻

It’s not just whip your boob out and feed!!


You would think that because breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world it would come easy! But it doesn’t. Anyone who’s been through it will tell you that.

They never tell you about the first few days or more of breast pain(yes pain) when your baby is learning how to properly latch on and stimulate the milk production & the infections you can get!

Your diet is extremely important because as when baby was in your belly, what you eat goes to baby. So a healthy balanced diet is necessary high in healthy fats, carbs and vegetables. You need to relax too, yes I mean sleep when baby sleeps and all that mumbo jumbo. BUT YOU MUST! Being over tired and miserable is not good for you or baby because they can feel it.

Regarding the pain there could be a multitude of reasons as to why its hurting to breastfeed and that should never be ignored. You could have:

  • Thrush(yeast infection) which you and baby have to be treated for because it can end up being a vicious circle between your nipple and babys mouth(yes they can get it in their mouth from you)
  • Mastitis which is terribly painful inflammatipn in either one or both breasts that can lead to infection and you need to watch out for the symptoms(inflamed red swollen breasts, red patches, hard painful lumps, flu like symptoms, discomfort feeding and tender hot breasts)
  • Blocked duct when the passage that carries milk from the mammary glands gets blocked. symptons are similar to mastitis except the hot breasts and flu like symptoms. This could be caused by oversupply, not draining the breat completly
  • Tongue/lip tie on baby can make it hard to breastfeed as baby is unable to properly latch on the breast. Normally midwives check this at the hospital already when baby is born but if you think your baby has this check with your health visitor, treatment is a short snip of the membrane under the tongue or under lip.
  • Latch, when baby doesn’t latch on properly it is very painful and means baby is able to drink enough milk. try to bring baby to the breast(not you to baby) and as baby opens their mouth aim your nipple to the top lip, this will ensure a better latch.

I am a big advocate for breastfeeding! I’m so proud of my journey so far and know how hard it is to breastfeed and having to give up and pump/formula feed. I know the heartache and depression that follows up because you feel like you’re letting down your baby. Sometimes you gotta choose you. And your mental health. You are doing the best for your child no matter where his milk comes from!

Us mums go through all kinds of bullying and judgmental comments no matter what we do. If we breastfeed or formula feed, if we cuddle to sleep or let them cry it out. At the end of the day it’s the mums decision. We as women should support each other!

So I’ve decided to do a breastfeed series here to help those who need. I AM NOT A SPECIALIST/PROFESSIONAL! Its just a gathering of all my research to be able to breastfeed my children and all my struggles and how I tried to solve them with the help of many people. You need a good support network of family, friends and lactation consultants/midwives/health visitors.

The health benefits to breastfeeding your baby are enormous and as you will find out breastmilk is literally LIQUID GOLD and you will understand why.

Pregnancy and birth story #2

I found out I was pregnant with my second child 4 days after my father passed away.

I couldn’t even feel happy.

On the 2nd of December 2016 my father passed away due to cancer that had spread in his body, though we knew It was bad and there was no good outcome, nothing really prepares you to loose a loved one, specially your father. Only 4 days after I suspected I was pregnant and did a test, It was positive. We had been trying for a while but when my dad started getting really ill that was the last thing on our minds.

I coudn’t be happy. I wanted another child, but I just couldn’t get excited. I couldn’t imagine my baby growing up without a grandfather. It was too soon and to hard.

The next few months dragged by, dazes of crying, times of numbness and trying to be strong for myself and my 5 yo son. he was very close to my dad and spoilt by him. but he understood that now Avo was out of pain and in heaven.

Now the preparations for another child began. crib, car seats, strollers, clothes etc. WE found out it’s a boy! again lol I really wanted a girl but apparently I was destined to only have boys. So be it, as long as it was healthy I didn’t really mind. the pregancy went quick and well, I had times of horrible heartburn and feeling nauseated but that was it and I was starting to get excited.

My mother had decided she didn’t want to be at the hospital with me, apparently I shouted and hit her hand away the last time so she didn’t like me giving birth lol. Baby was born on 30th of July, 3 days before my oldest birthday. he was excited to share a birthday and was upset his brother came early. This excitement of a joint birthday wore out a few years later lol

I did notice that this time around the contractions were much stronger and because I didn’t have epidural, my body did most of the work for me. I litterally felt my uterus contracting and pushing baby out. It’s amazing how the body works. I was amazed at my little boy and how perfect he was. God blessed me once more with the miracle of life and I will be forever grateful. This baby was the ray of sunshine after a stormy time in our lives. He gave us a reason to be happy again and I knew my dad was watching over us.

Pregnancy and birth story #3

Surprise surprise!!! I’m pregnant again!!

Not nowwww! I mean last year! When I was pregnant with my 3rd and DEFINITLY LAST baby.

To be honest I was done having kids, I had 2 beautiful crazy boys and loved them so much even when they drove me crazy. I didn’t want more. But God had other plans for me. So here we go again!

Feeling cute & round

I was lucky enough to be pregnant for the 3rd time and guess what!? ITS A GIRL!! My dream come true! A mini me! We were so excited to finally have a girl, even my partner was excited. He went straight into strict daddy mode over his little girl and I was so happy that he would finally get the chance to have a daughter. I wanted him to feel the daddy-daughter connection that I had with my dad. And I stand by with what I say. The love between a father and his daughter is stronger than anything else. He will be her first love and forever role mode of a man! His daughter will love him more than anyone else in this world. And this is his only chance to show her what A MAN should be like and HOW she should be treated.

Luckily he got to join me for my scans because it was before Coronavirus/COVID-19 started. My first 2 pregnancy went well and besides a bit of heartburn I was healthy and well. This time around!? I felt like I was dying! No exaggeration! I was sooo tired and in soo much pain. I had pelvic girdle pain/symphysis pubis dysfunction PSD. The name alone brings back flashbacks of pain! It literally felt like I was being torn in two “down there”! Sitting hurt, walking hurt, lying down hurt and breathing hurt! The last 2 months of pregnancy was a world of pain! And I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! Nothing helped or relieved the pain. I couldn’t wait to give birth because I couldn’t take the pain anymore!

She was due the 30th March and I thought she would be born before her due date like her brothers who were both born 3 days before their due date. But NOOOO madam had to give her big entrance!! And be 5 FLIPPING DAYS LATE! My waters broke on the 3rd of April but no contractions so I ended up going to hospital for a check and eventually got sent home again. If my contractions didn’t start by 4am Id be induced. Some people say induction hurts more that natural birth. Thank God contractions started at 1am! The contractions were hell!!! My room was beautiful and relaxing, I was in the midwife lead unit and it was amazing! They were all amazing and I loved the whole experience. I had a water birth and it was awesome! I recommend it to everyone now! My baby girl was born on the 4th April, my brothers birthday too. Our family likes to have join birthdays lol

As I starred into this beautiful baby girl all I can see it perfection! She was so pretty and looked so girly!

Love at first sight!

The boys fell inlove with ber immediately! They were so mesmerised by her and how small she was and so fragile! Our family was complete now. And I couldn’t be happier!

Then F#cking Corona Started to worsen. And my baby girl missed out on so much! Baby groups, friends meeting, family gatherings & other social events. But she was so lucky to have so much more time with her brothers and me and her dad. 2020 was shit but we were happy to be locked in with this princess.

Our family ❤️

Pregnancy and birth story #1

I didn’t know I was pregnant till 5 months!! (Detailed description-readers be warned)

Yes I know, I get the same questions all the time!

  • How didn’t you know?
  • What about your period?
  • Didn’t you realize you gained weight?
  • Didn’t you feel baby move?
  • Didn’t you get morning sickness?
  • Bla bla bla

Let me give a bit of back story. I was born in October 1990… sorry that went way back! I’m only joking, anyway, after I met my partner in 2009 and spending alot of time together we decided to move to England. It was a hard decision because we would be leaving all out family behind. So January of 2011 we moved to England. It was a very stressful time of our lives, we had no permanent address, we had no work and all our plans were going down the drain. After a few months I got a job as a barista in Cafe Nero in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire and it was amazing and I had lovely colleagues but my partner still had no job and it was disappointing for him and he had thought of going back home to Madeira. Last minute, like literally the day before he was leaving he got a call for a job in London. He got accepted and had to start immediately. As it was a good job with good pay we both decided to move to London. That meant I had a 1:30min comute from London to high wycombe for work till I got transferred to Notting Hill in North London. It was the longest month of my life.

So as you can imagine we were constantly on the go and stressed. I had been feeling extra tired, extra moody and I was “bloated” because I thought my IBS was playing up. Well one day I decided to take a test because I hadn’t had a period for a few months (I thought it was because of stress), the first month or 2, I had spotting so considered that a period. Sorry for too much info. After 4 pregnancy tests I called the GP and explained the situation and had a test done. OBVIOUSLY I was pregnant!!! So the nurse told me to lie down for examination to see how big baby was and then she pulls out (from her cabinet! Not out of me) her eco scanny thing and we hear a HEARTBEAT!!! I could of fainted! Like what the hell! I got a baby in me and I can her its heartbeat!!

I know had to tell my partner and my parents and I was scared about both scenarios because its not good timing. We’re not ready for a baby!! Anyway I knew my partner would be happy as he’s been asking me for a baby from when we started dating! But my parents were gonna flip!! I called my mum first. She was not happy! Specially when I told her I’m 5 months pregnant!! Then I had to tell my dad!! As a girl, the thought of telling your dad you’re pregnant, not married, in a different country was nerve wrecking! When I told him, he was soooooooo happy!! The happiest I’ve heard him in months!! I was in shock obviously!

So now what? I’m gonna have a baby!!

I waited a few weeks and finally told my partner on his birthday! I left the pregnancy test by the window and told him his gift was there. He was excited! He’d always wanted a baby! Now it’s finally happening.

The next few months flew by!! My dad went to South Africa to visit family and brought me a huge suitcase of baby stuff from Portugal then another suitcase from South Africa from my family there. Everyone was excited. I was nervous! But honesI felt the happiest, luckiest and most beautiful Ever!

Daddy’s little girl

The pregnancy went well, no problems at all. Found out it was a boy, though I wanted a girl lol, but I was glad that even thought I didn’t know for the first 5 months, all the stress and everything we were going through, our baby was a strong health boy. He was due on 5th August. M

y mum came on the 1st to help me out and do some last minimo shopping. That same night my Mum arrived, baby decided he was ready to come too. Contractions started during the night but at 7am, time my partner went to work (even though I told him baby’s coming!!!) the pain was unbearable and I called the hospital 3 times which they kept telling me to relax, take a paracetamol and take a nap!! A bloody nap!! I couldn’t take it anymore so my friend took us to hospital. I was not happy! I was in terrible pain, I was waiting for my partner to come and all they were giving me was gas & air! Honestly I’d smoked week stronger than that! It did nothing!! Salvation came in the form of an anesthesiologist holding my epidural! I shouted at him to get right the first time🙈 and he was afraid to come check up on me after. My partner arrived soon after I was drugged up, lucky for him.. Baby was taking long to come out, everytime I pushed he came forward and when I took a breathe the silly boy went back in. I was a human see saw for this child. Once he was out, he was the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen! I had a baby! I was a mum! And everything in the world was perfect…. till they had to sew me up😒 if you know, you know!

My world 🌎❤️❤️

And thats it! Sorry for too much info and details! Hope you had a good read!! Pregnancy & birth story number 2 tomorrow!!