DAY OFF Self-care Sunday

Before I start to even think of a new week ahead I need to prepare myself by taking the day off!

Hahahhahah that was a good one! Obviously with 3 kids who are constantly hungry I don’t get days off! But taking a few breaks during the day helps.

When I woke up this morning I was already thinking of which products I’m gonna spoil myself with. I had a shower and washed my hair and used some Hair growth Oil from Earth Elixir haircare because post-partum hair loss is REAL! And my scalp is very dry and flaky so that helps alot. Let in pre-poo for a few hours and just before dinner I washed the oil out and did my hair! Like actually used products and took the time to make my hair look good instead of just setting it in a bun for the rest of the week.

Curls are back!!

I took advantage and did some face masks, using a peel and moisturised the hell out of my face and did my eyebrows and any other facial fuzz(🙈) . I felt alive again and pretty! We all deserve that feeling and not only once a week/month. Everyday!

It’s easy to forget to care for ourselves when others depend on us to do almost everything but if we don’t take care of ourselves how are we gonna care for our own.

Drink your 2L minimum water a day, take your meds(if you need them), eat your 5/7 a day and LOVE YOURSELF! Treat yourself! You deserve it! I deserve it!

Diets & weight loss

Summer of 2021!!! Here we go!!

So lots of people are talking about the end of lockdown being in summer and starting diet & workout plans.

You do not need to diet for summer! You don’t need a six pack for summer! You do not need to gain weight for summer! All you need is you! And confidence!

Loose weight for your health, if YOU WANT TO! Build up muscle if YOU WANT TO! Gain some weight if YOU WANT! DON’T DO IT FOR OTHER PEOPLE!

For many years I’ve struggled with my weight, I’ve always been the bigger one in my friend group and I’ve always been subconscious about it. It’s made me refuse going out for food, going to the beach, going to parties and others. I hated going shopping because nothing looked good on me, I still do hate clothes shopping. I never thought I was good enough for a cute guy, I always took less food at parties and covered up my body as much as I could.

I would love to say things have changed but it hasn’t really. But I’m trying! I’m trying to LOVE MYSELF MORE instead of changing myself for other people.

I have 3 beautiful children and they deserve the healthiest Mum they can have and thats my end goal. Not to fit in a size 10 or have a six pack. It’s not just for summer it’s forever. Be you! Love you!


I’m so excited!! Lol can you imagine being excited about Mondays? Me neither

But I am! After about 10days of negative temperatures, being in the house with heaters on almost 24/7 its finally warm! Its 8’C but still, forecast says 11/12 this whole week! Lets ignore the rain though but yay!!!

Ok today I’m gonna do a full house clean🤣 i woke up at 9 and still haven’t done anything but I will clean the house today I promise. Then this afternoon we will take the kids out somewhere to a park or nature reserve to stretch our legs and get fresh air. Im excited for that!

The boys are on half term so no school work so they will be bored before lunch so extra crafts and tou challenges for them this week. Ill try to keep them fed as well as healthy as I can which isnt easy sometimes. Todays lunch is either wraps or nuggets. Ill add some veggies that only me and my partner will eat just to colour the plates.

Might do some baking too. Who knows?! Any ideas on what shall I bake? I kinda wanna try something new. I always do cakes and bread so thats out, i wanna try pretzels because everytime we use to go to our local shopping centre my partner would do laps around the cinnamon sugar pretzels stand lady giving out samples. They were delicious and I doubt mine will come out that good but I’ll try.

I’ll update later! Have a lovely Monday❤️❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day❤️

It’s the worldwide day for proclaiming your love!

Wether it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband or wife tell them you love them! Tell your kids you love them! Tell your friends and family!

Sometimes we get in a rut of our everyday life and even though we love someone we don’t always say it. I make sure I tell my children I love them everyday, me and my partner won’t go sleep till we say I love you, whenever I speak to my mum on the phone I always say I love you at the end. It’s something that’s automatic but still means exactly what its supposed to mean. I love you! You’re a part of my heart and life wouldn’t be the same without you.

We often take life for granted though we’re on borrowed time, we don’t know 100% for sure that we’ll have another day together so we need to make the most of it. No regrets! So go spread your love!

Last day of Homeschooling!!

Finally! I’m so done! I was not destined to be a teacher!

It’s a bitter sweet moment as todays the last day of Homeschooling but that also means Half term is starting! Half term=holiday! For the kids obviously because I haven’t had a break since March last year!

I feel like I’m gonna regret this but I’m going to do a 2 week daily craft session with these kids 🤣 yesterday we made homemade playdoh (2 ingredients only: 1 cup of conditioner + 2 cups of cornstarch) you can add food colouring & essentials oils too if you’d like.


The boys loved it and obviously made a mess everywhere. But they were still and quiet for about 1 hour and it was lovely. I actually had a coffee that was still hot!

Today I haven’t figured out what we’re doing but I might do a Lego challenge for them. Baby is easily pleased with some pots and pans and some wooden fruit.

Baby’s kitchen☺️

Anyone want to join me for the crafts challenge? Good luck to all the parents out there! Peace be with you🙈 and wine🥂