A flower a day keeps the blues away

White tulips

As I walked into Aldi today which was very busy today I saw these white tulips for only £1,99 and it made me smile immediately. I grabbed a bunch of fruit and veg and some extras to tide us through the final homeschooling week for our oldest! You have no idea how amazing that makes me feel!

Almost every patch of grass around us has these little colourful flowers(crocuses) which makes any boring garden look inviting. All kids love picking some up for teachers/mums as they walk by as a token of their appreciation or love.

Obviously with the sun starting to bless our everyday I have to force my kids to go OUTSIDE AND PLAY! It took a bit persuading but off they went on their bikes while baby followed behind crawling and trying to walk as far as her little legs can take her.

Seeing them sitting there so peacefully and smiling actually makes them look so innocent! Hahahha hilarious! The 2 boys are either hugging or fighting each other while argueing with the baby who tries to hit them with whatever’s in her hand at the moment.

If you’re feeling tired or a bit down, go outside, let the sun shine its glorious rays on you! Smell the fresh air and look at the beautiful colours around you. It won’t solve all your problems but it will give you a bit of a pick up in your mood. ❤️ have a wonderful weekend and remember the end of lockdown is near🙏🏼

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