5 ways to do your food shop for less

We all know that food shopping can end up being expensive, whether you live alone or with family it all add up. Fruit, veg, cupboard essentials, drinks, chilled foods like yogurts etc and meat(if you eat meat) is a big expense. There are a few ways to help you do your food shop on a budget and I’m going to show you some of my favourites.

  • ALDI & LIDL have some amazing fruit & veg deals every week and some meat offers too. Lidl have a Lidl plus app that gives you £2 discount when you spend £100 with them or £10 discount when you spend £200 in a month plus various coupons on certain items in store when you scan your Lidl Plus Card. Every time you do a shop you get a wheel of fortune kind of thing where you can get more coupons on your shopping. It’s actually quite good. If you’re lucky you can find their Waste Not (reduced but still fresh boxes with fruit and veg for £1,50) I’ve managed to get a few and something they’re amazing value, if its stuff you were going to buy anyway!
LIDL Waste Not £1,50 each box!
  • OLIO is one of my favourite! It’s an app that connects neighbours to help prevent food waste and even household items that are still good. I am a Food Hero which means I go collect surplus food from Tesco and then share it out locally FOR FREE! It’s really amazing and a must have if you want to save money and food from going to the bins.
  • The Junk Food Project is the UK’s largest environmental charity redistributing surplus food and there are hubs all over the country. You can go (with your own bags) and get some of your food shop done in exchange for a donation to the charity.

I went to my local one this week and the amount of food was awesome and the quality was great. All this food was supposed to go to the BIN!! That’s insane! We’re a family of 5 and the stuff I took home was worth over £20 easily, cauliflower brocoli marrow courgette peppers tomatoes mushrooms breads fruits etc. It all depends on what the charity receives which is very random.

  • The Too Good to Go app is amazing too. You can buy a Magic Bag from Morrisons, Sainsbury, pubs & restaurants for about £3, you never know what you will get but I’ve seen some people get loads of sandwiches, cakes, fruit & veg from Morrisons and ready made food from carverys and restaurants. For £3/£4 it’s a great bargain.
  • There’s some apps where you can get cashback on your shopping too after you upload your receipts like SHOPMIUM, QUIDCO, CHECKOUTSMART, GREENJJN, SHOPPIX AND CLICKSNAP. Make sure you get exactly the same products that they show on the app or you might not get cashback on it.

So food shopping doesn’t have to be a big expense, you just need to know where to shop. Happy saving ☺️

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