Monday Urgggh

Monday’s hey! What a pain!!!

Yes I know it’s not Monday anymore but it sure as hell feels like it! Homeschooling a 9yo and a 3yo(teacher drops off his homework weekly) and taking care of a 9month old who keeps trying to run away up the stairs or into the bathroom!

The 9yo logs on the laptop between 9:30 and 1:30/2 and we only see him for lunch(11:30-12:30) which isnt too bad. The 3yo🙈🤣 you never know how clumsy kids are till u teach them how to cut paper and write their name.


The baby is the cheekiest! We have a door to the stairs and sometimes these kids dont close it properly and she knows exactly when they don’t and she goes opens it up with her little finger and dashes up those stairs! I hate to admit it (incase anyone reports me lol) but so far shes escaped us 3 times! Where she was “just here” and we looked away for a few minutes and all of sudden shes GONE! And we can hear her laughing upstairs through the baby monitor 🙈

Everyday is a struggle but Mondays! I thought I’d break the cycle and do something nice like wash and style my hair, it was beautiful and soft and silky curls, until I found a neew WHITE, not grey, WHITE HAIR🙄

Definitely wine & chocolates worthy! How was your Monday? ❤️

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