Feeling brave

Today just flew by, even though it felt like Monday 1.2 it ended quickly thank God!

My 3yo had immunisations today and I couldn’t take him. I stayed home with baby and the 9yo while their dad took him. The big strong dad who’s afraid of needles🙈 I was regretting this whole situation before it even happened but it ended up ok. Apparently he(the kid not the big ass adult) started moaning at the sight of the needle before it even poked him, cried then was fine and ready for number 2. Came home with 3 stickers and was very proud of himself 🙈

My little Chinese eyes
Comforting her big brother

These 2 have a special connection probably because of the closer age gap but they both bully the 9yo. These 2 just dont care, they fall hurt themselves and move on, survival of the fittest here while the oldest is more sensitive and breaks down easily.

Not gonna do a long post today because babys teething and doing her hourly wake ups when she should be KO! Is drugging kids still illegal? Asking for a friend 🤔 also how much wine can i drink so that baby sleeps well too? For a friend obviously

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