Lockdown Blues

Everyday is a repeat of the previous one, even weekends are so boring! I just get through it without thinking because it will bring me down but I(selfishly) never thought about the kids besides the fact that they are home too long and driving me crazy.

Lockdown has been hard on all of us, physically and mentally. Mums have the kids around all the time, asking for snacks every 5 mins, asking for help with their school work(which seems like double the work they had in school), not being able to go play outside so they’re literally running around the house!! a

Now imagine being the kid, not being able to go to playgrounds with their friends, not seeing their friends & colleagues everyday, catching that cold air outside on break time playing with each other, having to do double school work online, having us shout(i do) at them all the time for releasing all their energy and endless hunger.

Today when I kissed my kids goodnight I could see how tired my oldest was, I could feel how fed up he was. I had a chat with him and told him how proud I was of him, for all his school work and help around the house with his siblings. He was surprised, he wasn’t expecting me to praise him! He told me hes doing more of some work than he used to and he doesn’t know why. Lockdown is hard on ALL OF US! Remember that! Praise them for the good stuff. They need it just like we do.

You’re doing great! Remember that! At everything you doing! Wether its working, homeschooling, taking care of the kids & house, partner and others. You are Amazing! *clapping hands for us*

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Blues

  1. I never thought about it ! I keep getting annoyed and telling my son to stop jumping, stop screaming, stop running , stop climbing sofas. But how else can he get read of his energy? We are shielding and literally haven’t been outside in weeks. It’s so heartbreaking as I believe it will have a profound impact on kids mental health and possibly even change their characters permanently. But I need to protect my partner as he’s a highest risk . I also dont want to be at war with my neighbours ( of walls and floors are very thin and my son has a strenght of an elephant when running and stomping around most of the day) . Madness .

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    1. Of course it will have a huge impact on our & kids personalities! My baby is 9months old and has never been to a playgroup, never been to the park playgroup swing or swimming, things that the other 2 kids had every week. Shes lucky to have 2 older brothers to learn social skills but of she was an only child how would she learn to play with other children? The older kids just wanna go to playgrounds and be with their friends but can’t. This whole situation is grim and we all need kudos on our strength!👏🏼


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