Last day of Homeschooling!!

Finally! I’m so done! I was not destined to be a teacher!

It’s a bitter sweet moment as todays the last day of Homeschooling but that also means Half term is starting! Half term=holiday! For the kids obviously because I haven’t had a break since March last year!

I feel like I’m gonna regret this but I’m going to do a 2 week daily craft session with these kids 🤣 yesterday we made homemade playdoh (2 ingredients only: 1 cup of conditioner + 2 cups of cornstarch) you can add food colouring & essentials oils too if you’d like.


The boys loved it and obviously made a mess everywhere. But they were still and quiet for about 1 hour and it was lovely. I actually had a coffee that was still hot!

Today I haven’t figured out what we’re doing but I might do a Lego challenge for them. Baby is easily pleased with some pots and pans and some wooden fruit.

Baby’s kitchen☺️

Anyone want to join me for the crafts challenge? Good luck to all the parents out there! Peace be with you🙈 and wine🥂

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