Lidl Review lockdown with kids!

Is anyone else so stressed out they can’t sleep? I’m normally ok till I have plans to go out the next day then I’m literally up all night stressing about money, how many people will be in the shop? will I get everything I need? Will the cashiers frown at me when I pull out my vouchers? How long will the 2 bags each of apples, oranges, pears and grapes last with 2 kids and a baby?

Ok so normally I get up around 7/8am and the boys help themselves to breakfast(cereal or bread with nutella/peanut butter) by 10am they’re starving for something! Then lunch(like a proper meal) at 12-1, snacks during the whole afternoon and dinner at 7! Then yes u guessed right! Desert (yogurts, ice cream and fruit again!)

This whole lockdown and essential shop only im still going out once a week to go buy fruit/veg! Luckily Lidl had some good deals this week which my kids love.

If you have a Lidl nearby definitely get these deals and use your Lidl plus app which has an £5 off £25 shop till the 18th! Amazing right! Our shop is well stocked, newly refurbished freezer/middle aisles and the staff are ok. They don’t rush you at the tills like Aldi does but that’s honestly the only downside to Aldi for me.

It was a good shopping experience and keep your eyes peeled for the deals.

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