Equinoxoutlet review

Bits & pieces

I did this order on a whim, as usual but made sure it was stuff I really wanted to try:

  • Tea tree oil shampoo is amazing! My hair felt squeeky clean after and ready for all my curly hair products
  • The 3 MUA nail polishes are small and cute. Pastels are in again this summer so these colours will complement a look immediately. One is a Honey pearly shimmer one which would look great with nude colours. The others are pistachio ice cream and apricot candy which look as delicious as they sound.
  • The vitamin C face serum is to brighten and hydrate my skin, apparently it helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Ill review again after 2 weeks to let yoi know if I look 16 again lol

I also got a Mystery goodie bag

  • Maybelline red tint nail polish, I used it for Valentines Day and after 2 coats it had a clear reddish colour. Definitely cute and not very bright
  • Nail file was good and handy in my bag
  • Face facts day & night cream with vitamin E that was moisturising and made my partners skin feel soft and refreshed
  • Naj Oleari foundation with vitamin E sample its not my skin colour but goes on smoothly and does cover some imperfections.

Overall it was a good order with great products in the mystery bag. It’s not the first time I order from Equinox Outlet and won’t be the last. The prices are affordable and if you subscribe to their newsletter they will email you when they had deals and it’s normally very good deals.

This is currently £3!! Was £7,95!!

There’s a 70% off sale at the moment & a clearance section with 30% off everything! Free shipping over £25

Click here EQUINOXOUTLET For your favourite products for cheaper! Use code BUBBLYNATTIE FOR extra 10% off your order❤️

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