It’s only Tuesday!?

Is it just me or has this week been long!? And its only Tuesday!!!

But let’s not give up! Get up, have a coffee/tea something yummy & nutritious for breakfast and move!!! Put some music on, dance around like crazy and you’ll get that rush of happiness! Get those endorphins pumping!

Surround yourself with happiness and good vibes! It’s only Tuesday but you are a day closer to the end of HOMESCHOOLING!! Monday starts in-school classes and it’s amazing! I’m so excited to take my oldest son to school, the younger boy to nursery, put baby to sleep and have an hour break from everyone! Might even send the hubby out to supermarket for something just to get him out too! Lol

Have you all heard about the new (shop out to help out) initiative from the Gov. Apparently they’re gonna give each adult £150 and kids £75 each to shop and boost economy. So basically we all going on shopping sprees? Thats gonna be coronavirus central😩🙈

It would be amazing since many of us changed sizes during lockdown and obviously the kids have all grown since last year. It’s surprising how much my kids have grown, my oldest is getting taller by the day, the middle one who didn’t talk much won’t shut up and my baby won’t stop! She’ll be 1 next month 🙈 Though we’ve all had a miserable year I’m glad we’ve had plenty of fun and happy moments together as a family and grew stronger while driving me crazy.

It’s ok to loose your temper, to feel down, to be angry at the world and everyone around you. It’s all normal given the circumstances but it will all be better soon! Freedom has a date!!! And I personally can’t wait to see my friends, drink coffee and talk shit☺️

A flower a day keeps the blues away

White tulips

As I walked into Aldi today which was very busy today I saw these white tulips for only £1,99 and it made me smile immediately. I grabbed a bunch of fruit and veg and some extras to tide us through the final homeschooling week for our oldest! You have no idea how amazing that makes me feel!

Almost every patch of grass around us has these little colourful flowers(crocuses) which makes any boring garden look inviting. All kids love picking some up for teachers/mums as they walk by as a token of their appreciation or love.

Obviously with the sun starting to bless our everyday I have to force my kids to go OUTSIDE AND PLAY! It took a bit persuading but off they went on their bikes while baby followed behind crawling and trying to walk as far as her little legs can take her.

Seeing them sitting there so peacefully and smiling actually makes them look so innocent! Hahahha hilarious! The 2 boys are either hugging or fighting each other while argueing with the baby who tries to hit them with whatever’s in her hand at the moment.

If you’re feeling tired or a bit down, go outside, let the sun shine its glorious rays on you! Smell the fresh air and look at the beautiful colours around you. It won’t solve all your problems but it will give you a bit of a pick up in your mood. ❤️ have a wonderful weekend and remember the end of lockdown is near🙏🏼

Equinoxoutlet review

Bits & pieces

I did this order on a whim, as usual but made sure it was stuff I really wanted to try:

  • Tea tree oil shampoo is amazing! My hair felt squeeky clean after and ready for all my curly hair products
  • The 3 MUA nail polishes are small and cute. Pastels are in again this summer so these colours will complement a look immediately. One is a Honey pearly shimmer one which would look great with nude colours. The others are pistachio ice cream and apricot candy which look as delicious as they sound.
  • The vitamin C face serum is to brighten and hydrate my skin, apparently it helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Ill review again after 2 weeks to let yoi know if I look 16 again lol

I also got a Mystery goodie bag

  • Maybelline red tint nail polish, I used it for Valentines Day and after 2 coats it had a clear reddish colour. Definitely cute and not very bright
  • Nail file was good and handy in my bag
  • Face facts day & night cream with vitamin E that was moisturising and made my partners skin feel soft and refreshed
  • Naj Oleari foundation with vitamin E sample its not my skin colour but goes on smoothly and does cover some imperfections.

Overall it was a good order with great products in the mystery bag. It’s not the first time I order from Equinox Outlet and won’t be the last. The prices are affordable and if you subscribe to their newsletter they will email you when they had deals and it’s normally very good deals.

This is currently £3!! Was £7,95!!

There’s a 70% off sale at the moment & a clearance section with 30% off everything! Free shipping over £25

Click here EQUINOXOUTLET For your favourite products for cheaper! Use code BUBBLYNATTIE FOR extra 10% off your order❤️

DAY OFF Self-care Sunday

Before I start to even think of a new week ahead I need to prepare myself by taking the day off!

Hahahhahah that was a good one! Obviously with 3 kids who are constantly hungry I don’t get days off! But taking a few breaks during the day helps.

When I woke up this morning I was already thinking of which products I’m gonna spoil myself with. I had a shower and washed my hair and used some Hair growth Oil from Earth Elixir haircare because post-partum hair loss is REAL! And my scalp is very dry and flaky so that helps alot. Let in pre-poo for a few hours and just before dinner I washed the oil out and did my hair! Like actually used products and took the time to make my hair look good instead of just setting it in a bun for the rest of the week.

Curls are back!!

I took advantage and did some face masks, using a peel and moisturised the hell out of my face and did my eyebrows and any other facial fuzz(🙈) . I felt alive again and pretty! We all deserve that feeling and not only once a week/month. Everyday!

It’s easy to forget to care for ourselves when others depend on us to do almost everything but if we don’t take care of ourselves how are we gonna care for our own.

Drink your 2L minimum water a day, take your meds(if you need them), eat your 5/7 a day and LOVE YOURSELF! Treat yourself! You deserve it! I deserve it!

Diets & weight loss

Summer of 2021!!! Here we go!!

So lots of people are talking about the end of lockdown being in summer and starting diet & workout plans.

You do not need to diet for summer! You don’t need a six pack for summer! You do not need to gain weight for summer! All you need is you! And confidence!

Loose weight for your health, if YOU WANT TO! Build up muscle if YOU WANT TO! Gain some weight if YOU WANT! DON’T DO IT FOR OTHER PEOPLE!

For many years I’ve struggled with my weight, I’ve always been the bigger one in my friend group and I’ve always been subconscious about it. It’s made me refuse going out for food, going to the beach, going to parties and others. I hated going shopping because nothing looked good on me, I still do hate clothes shopping. I never thought I was good enough for a cute guy, I always took less food at parties and covered up my body as much as I could.

I would love to say things have changed but it hasn’t really. But I’m trying! I’m trying to LOVE MYSELF MORE instead of changing myself for other people.

I have 3 beautiful children and they deserve the healthiest Mum they can have and thats my end goal. Not to fit in a size 10 or have a six pack. It’s not just for summer it’s forever. Be you! Love you!