Im writing this with tears in my eyes, happy tears!! My heart is literally full of joy right now.

I don’t think we take enough time in our busy lives to completely appreciate the blessings in our lives, I know I don’t. So here I go:

1) my family obviously is a huge blessing! I have 3 kids(all crazy like their dad), my fiancé who Ive been with for 12 years almost, we’ve been through rough patches like everyone does but we’re still together and stronger than before! My mum who lives in Manchester but who I talk to 2+ times a day and my dad who although he has passed away is still a very important and present person in our lives

2)my 3 brothers and their families ❤️

3)my friends who have been with me through thick & thin! I love them so much

4) my life, although we’re going through a pandemic I can say we could have it worse. My fiancé lost his job at the beginning of this whole Covid-19 thing, jobs are hard to find atm, but he’s spending so much time with us now and it’s great! We’ve cancelled so many plans because of covid but I’m glad we’ve still got each other!

A big shoutout to my bestie Tayshan for completing 1 year of her own haircare business and she’s doing amazing!! I’m so proud of her it makes my heart sing! Go check her out! Your hair deserves the best!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog!

What are your blessings?🙏🏼❤️

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  1. Awww you are just amazing and such an inspiration. Literally the KINDEST person I have ever met! Love you girl

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