I’m so excited!! Lol can you imagine being excited about Mondays? Me neither

But I am! After about 10days of negative temperatures, being in the house with heaters on almost 24/7 its finally warm! Its 8’C but still, forecast says 11/12 this whole week! Lets ignore the rain though but yay!!!

Ok today I’m gonna do a full house clean🤣 i woke up at 9 and still haven’t done anything but I will clean the house today I promise. Then this afternoon we will take the kids out somewhere to a park or nature reserve to stretch our legs and get fresh air. Im excited for that!

The boys are on half term so no school work so they will be bored before lunch so extra crafts and tou challenges for them this week. Ill try to keep them fed as well as healthy as I can which isnt easy sometimes. Todays lunch is either wraps or nuggets. Ill add some veggies that only me and my partner will eat just to colour the plates.

Might do some baking too. Who knows?! Any ideas on what shall I bake? I kinda wanna try something new. I always do cakes and bread so thats out, i wanna try pretzels because everytime we use to go to our local shopping centre my partner would do laps around the cinnamon sugar pretzels stand lady giving out samples. They were delicious and I doubt mine will come out that good but I’ll try.

I’ll update later! Have a lovely Monday❤️❤️

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