Aldi food shop review

As of yesterday I’ve been writing out my shopping list for Aldi worried if I’d even get half of my essentials because as you all know its the UKs 3rd lockdown and Ive noticed that by the afternoon most supermarket shelves aren’t getting restocked as quickly as before, so i decided we’d go food shop first thing in the morning at 9am. It’s a plan! Let’s go…

I must have forgotten I’ve got kids and one is a baby, so before shopping we had breakfast, clothes changed, boys playing in their room, breastfeeding baby, kids stuck to the cartoons on tv and a partner fiddling on his phone checking out cars he will never afford and football players he can only dream of ever meeting.

So what time did we leave the house you ask? At almost 11, and as we got in the car my 3yo moans he’s hungry(obviously) luckily this very well prepared mum digs out a very healthy nutritious kinder CEREALS bar for him and the 9yo before he gets jealous. Great job me!

As we got to Aldi, masks on, bags ready, trolley disenfected and kids warned to behave(yeah right) I am pleased to see a huge array of cheap Wonky fruit and Aldi super 6 fresh fruit & Veg offers! Highlight of the week!

After Aldi We went to get Meat which I buy in bulk from a meat truck called (town and country meats) good quality and cheap stuff. On our way there my 3yo asks where we going, if we’re going to Avôs house(thats my father who passed away before he was born) so I said yes, trying to see he’s reaction. He immediately said “not again!!” This child has never met my father! Then he thinks for a few seconds and says “ohhh avô is very far away! He’s in the sky!!” So I said yes he’s in heaven in the sky. These little moments mean the world to me as Im proud that although he passed away, he’s still in our hearts and thoughts everyday😇

Aldis meat options are amazing and cheap. Specially around easter and christmas where you can get more for your money, spoiling your family with fancy cuts or different options like the 3 game roast and seadfood platters. Dont get me started on their veggie options which are delicious and sooo affordable.

It’s the little things that make the day so much easier to get through, make them brighter and happier.

1) Aldi was amazingly full of everything I need and cheap!!!

2) Bulk meat was amazing too

3)Talk about my angel Father 😇❤️

No wine today, just a happy feeling of accomplishment ❤️

So don’t cry in hope that the rain will disguise the tears, come dance with me ❤️

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