Pregnancy and birth story #2

I found out I was pregnant with my second child 4 days after my father passed away.

I couldn’t even feel happy.

On the 2nd of December 2016 my father passed away due to cancer that had spread in his body, though we knew It was bad and there was no good outcome, nothing really prepares you to loose a loved one, specially your father. Only 4 days after I suspected I was pregnant and did a test, It was positive. We had been trying for a while but when my dad started getting really ill that was the last thing on our minds.

I coudn’t be happy. I wanted another child, but I just couldn’t get excited. I couldn’t imagine my baby growing up without a grandfather. It was too soon and to hard.

The next few months dragged by, dazes of crying, times of numbness and trying to be strong for myself and my 5 yo son. he was very close to my dad and spoilt by him. but he understood that now Avo was out of pain and in heaven.

Now the preparations for another child began. crib, car seats, strollers, clothes etc. WE found out it’s a boy! again lol I really wanted a girl but apparently I was destined to only have boys. So be it, as long as it was healthy I didn’t really mind. the pregancy went quick and well, I had times of horrible heartburn and feeling nauseated but that was it and I was starting to get excited.

My mother had decided she didn’t want to be at the hospital with me, apparently I shouted and hit her hand away the last time so she didn’t like me giving birth lol. Baby was born on 30th of July, 3 days before my oldest birthday. he was excited to share a birthday and was upset his brother came early. This excitement of a joint birthday wore out a few years later lol

I did notice that this time around the contractions were much stronger and because I didn’t have epidural, my body did most of the work for me. I litterally felt my uterus contracting and pushing baby out. It’s amazing how the body works. I was amazed at my little boy and how perfect he was. God blessed me once more with the miracle of life and I will be forever grateful. This baby was the ray of sunshine after a stormy time in our lives. He gave us a reason to be happy again and I knew my dad was watching over us.

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