Pregnancy and birth story #1

I didn’t know I was pregnant till 5 months!! (Detailed description-readers be warned)

Yes I know, I get the same questions all the time!

  • How didn’t you know?
  • What about your period?
  • Didn’t you realize you gained weight?
  • Didn’t you feel baby move?
  • Didn’t you get morning sickness?
  • Bla bla bla

Let me give a bit of back story. I was born in October 1990… sorry that went way back! I’m only joking, anyway, after I met my partner in 2009 and spending alot of time together we decided to move to England. It was a hard decision because we would be leaving all out family behind. So January of 2011 we moved to England. It was a very stressful time of our lives, we had no permanent address, we had no work and all our plans were going down the drain. After a few months I got a job as a barista in Cafe Nero in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire and it was amazing and I had lovely colleagues but my partner still had no job and it was disappointing for him and he had thought of going back home to Madeira. Last minute, like literally the day before he was leaving he got a call for a job in London. He got accepted and had to start immediately. As it was a good job with good pay we both decided to move to London. That meant I had a 1:30min comute from London to high wycombe for work till I got transferred to Notting Hill in North London. It was the longest month of my life.

So as you can imagine we were constantly on the go and stressed. I had been feeling extra tired, extra moody and I was “bloated” because I thought my IBS was playing up. Well one day I decided to take a test because I hadn’t had a period for a few months (I thought it was because of stress), the first month or 2, I had spotting so considered that a period. Sorry for too much info. After 4 pregnancy tests I called the GP and explained the situation and had a test done. OBVIOUSLY I was pregnant!!! So the nurse told me to lie down for examination to see how big baby was and then she pulls out (from her cabinet! Not out of me) her eco scanny thing and we hear a HEARTBEAT!!! I could of fainted! Like what the hell! I got a baby in me and I can her its heartbeat!!

I know had to tell my partner and my parents and I was scared about both scenarios because its not good timing. We’re not ready for a baby!! Anyway I knew my partner would be happy as he’s been asking me for a baby from when we started dating! But my parents were gonna flip!! I called my mum first. She was not happy! Specially when I told her I’m 5 months pregnant!! Then I had to tell my dad!! As a girl, the thought of telling your dad you’re pregnant, not married, in a different country was nerve wrecking! When I told him, he was soooooooo happy!! The happiest I’ve heard him in months!! I was in shock obviously!

So now what? I’m gonna have a baby!!

I waited a few weeks and finally told my partner on his birthday! I left the pregnancy test by the window and told him his gift was there. He was excited! He’d always wanted a baby! Now it’s finally happening.

The next few months flew by!! My dad went to South Africa to visit family and brought me a huge suitcase of baby stuff from Portugal then another suitcase from South Africa from my family there. Everyone was excited. I was nervous! But honesI felt the happiest, luckiest and most beautiful Ever!

Daddy’s little girl

The pregnancy went well, no problems at all. Found out it was a boy, though I wanted a girl lol, but I was glad that even thought I didn’t know for the first 5 months, all the stress and everything we were going through, our baby was a strong health boy. He was due on 5th August. M

y mum came on the 1st to help me out and do some last minimo shopping. That same night my Mum arrived, baby decided he was ready to come too. Contractions started during the night but at 7am, time my partner went to work (even though I told him baby’s coming!!!) the pain was unbearable and I called the hospital 3 times which they kept telling me to relax, take a paracetamol and take a nap!! A bloody nap!! I couldn’t take it anymore so my friend took us to hospital. I was not happy! I was in terrible pain, I was waiting for my partner to come and all they were giving me was gas & air! Honestly I’d smoked week stronger than that! It did nothing!! Salvation came in the form of an anesthesiologist holding my epidural! I shouted at him to get right the first time🙈 and he was afraid to come check up on me after. My partner arrived soon after I was drugged up, lucky for him.. Baby was taking long to come out, everytime I pushed he came forward and when I took a breathe the silly boy went back in. I was a human see saw for this child. Once he was out, he was the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen! I had a baby! I was a mum! And everything in the world was perfect…. till they had to sew me up😒 if you know, you know!

My world 🌎❤️❤️

And thats it! Sorry for too much info and details! Hope you had a good read!! Pregnancy & birth story number 2 tomorrow!!

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