February finally!!

After about 89days of January it’s finally February! January was longgggg, tiring, mentally exhausting and physically draining but we made it!

We all have different coping mechanisms. I tend to resort to food(sweets/cakes etc) and love to bake to that helps me relax a bit.

Carrot cake with pecans and cream cheese icing!

There’s something relaxing about concentrating on measuments, temperatures and trusting an oven to do the miracle of raising the cake for the right amount of time without burning or flopping 🙈 I still pray for the best though and try to keep all the kids and my partner from opening the oven door to see whats baking.

I get my recipes from facebook, instagram, friends & family and obviously pinterest! I start off by doing exact measurements then after a few tries I experiment. So yes my cakes don’t always taste the same but they’re always yummy.

Baking keeps my concentrated on something I can control and gets me excited about the outcome. Once that goes well i start on the more stressful areas in my life and just like with the cakes I pray that it will go well.

Very useful conversion chart!
Carrot cake

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