Pregnancy and birth story #3

Surprise surprise!!! I’m pregnant again!!

Not nowwww! I mean last year! When I was pregnant with my 3rd and DEFINITLY LAST baby.

To be honest I was done having kids, I had 2 beautiful crazy boys and loved them so much even when they drove me crazy. I didn’t want more. But God had other plans for me. So here we go again!

Feeling cute & round

I was lucky enough to be pregnant for the 3rd time and guess what!? ITS A GIRL!! My dream come true! A mini me! We were so excited to finally have a girl, even my partner was excited. He went straight into strict daddy mode over his little girl and I was so happy that he would finally get the chance to have a daughter. I wanted him to feel the daddy-daughter connection that I had with my dad. And I stand by with what I say. The love between a father and his daughter is stronger than anything else. He will be her first love and forever role mode of a man! His daughter will love him more than anyone else in this world. And this is his only chance to show her what A MAN should be like and HOW she should be treated.

Luckily he got to join me for my scans because it was before Coronavirus/COVID-19 started. My first 2 pregnancy went well and besides a bit of heartburn I was healthy and well. This time around!? I felt like I was dying! No exaggeration! I was sooo tired and in soo much pain. I had pelvic girdle pain/symphysis pubis dysfunction PSD. The name alone brings back flashbacks of pain! It literally felt like I was being torn in two “down there”! Sitting hurt, walking hurt, lying down hurt and breathing hurt! The last 2 months of pregnancy was a world of pain! And I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! Nothing helped or relieved the pain. I couldn’t wait to give birth because I couldn’t take the pain anymore!

She was due the 30th March and I thought she would be born before her due date like her brothers who were both born 3 days before their due date. But NOOOO madam had to give her big entrance!! And be 5 FLIPPING DAYS LATE! My waters broke on the 3rd of April but no contractions so I ended up going to hospital for a check and eventually got sent home again. If my contractions didn’t start by 4am Id be induced. Some people say induction hurts more that natural birth. Thank God contractions started at 1am! The contractions were hell!!! My room was beautiful and relaxing, I was in the midwife lead unit and it was amazing! They were all amazing and I loved the whole experience. I had a water birth and it was awesome! I recommend it to everyone now! My baby girl was born on the 4th April, my brothers birthday too. Our family likes to have join birthdays lol

As I starred into this beautiful baby girl all I can see it perfection! She was so pretty and looked so girly!

Love at first sight!

The boys fell inlove with ber immediately! They were so mesmerised by her and how small she was and so fragile! Our family was complete now. And I couldn’t be happier!

Then F#cking Corona Started to worsen. And my baby girl missed out on so much! Baby groups, friends meeting, family gatherings & other social events. But she was so lucky to have so much more time with her brothers and me and her dad. 2020 was shit but we were happy to be locked in with this princess.

Our family ❤️

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