10 reasons why we should appreciate mums!

  • We never get days off
  • We don’t get to lie in
  • Our coffee/tea always gets cold
  • Our food is always cold
  • The house doesn’t stay clean for long
  • The washing basket is never full
  • Our clothes are never 100% clean
  • We schedule our day around the kids
  • Selfcare usually gets pushed away
  • When they sleep, we dont sleep! We do everything we couldnt do with them awake

Yes I could add more but I’ll do an opposite now:

  • A mothers love is unmeasurable
  • We love you more than ourselves
  • Nobody will love you like we do
  • We laugh with you, and cry with you
  • When you’re sick we feel helpless
  • Your smile can wipe away all pain
  • You are the most beautiful to us
  • We would die & kill for you
  • We would spend our last money on you
  • We will always be there for you

This saying being a mum is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. From the first time I heard his heartbeat I knew this is what I’m meant to do. To love him! When I first say his face and held him in my arms I felt this overpowered sense of love and devotion. This feeling is both amazing and scary, and its when they first suffer/cry that we feel helpless. We wish we could take their pain away and make them happy again.

That first smile warms our heart like nothing else in the world. I’ve got 3 children and their smile still warms my heart❤️

Today is Mother’s Day in Uk and it’s a day to celebrate mums!

Happy mother’s day to New mums, its so hard specially during this time in our lives when we are on lockdown and don’t have all the support we need in those first days, weeks, months!

Happy mother’s day to rhose who’s mums are in heaven. Im so deeply sorry for your loss and I can even imagine how you’re feeling and how you long for her embrace. RIP mums and Im sure they are very proud of the person you’ve become.

Happy mother’s day to those wanting and trying to be mum’s. I have no idea of your pain & struggling but I offer my support and love and strength to you! If it happens then Im sure you will be an amazing mother and if it doesn’t then remember there are so many children in care who needs a mummy.

Happy mother’s day to single mums who have nobody to help them, that have to do everything alone and can’t have a moment to themselves, struggle financially and emotionally! You are so strong because you have to be! Im so proud of you!

Happy mother’s day to those who have lost their baby/children. My heart goes out to you and I can even begin to imagine how hard your heart aches specially today! Im so sorry for your loss! May you one day be reunited with your angel in heaven and your heart be whole again❤️

And last but no least, to those who don’t have a relationship with their mother’s. I’m so sorry and I can’t imagine how it is to not have a mother, someone who should love you indefinitely. My fiancés mother left him and 5 other brothers/sister at a young age. The youngest sibling was 2 years old at the time. It makes no sense to me but I am so proud of their father who stepped up and was a mum & a dad for all 6 kids.

These are the cards I received from my children. And these mean more to me than shop bought ones. Because they put their hearts and minds into making these. I love you my babies❤️

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